.​.​.​and here's what you could have won.

by The Rocco Lampones

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released April 1, 2011


tags: diy pop punk London


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The Rocco Lampones London, UK

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Track Name: Bullshit, That's Not The Tempo
can we play this waiting game tomorrow/i’m out of gas i’ll pay for your time/rushed in, too quick/i’m always left to apologise/sex ain’t that fun when you’re on your own/i’m still here but where have you gone/draw swords instead of arguments/run me through to save my ringing ears/this ain’t hell, we all know/you gotta learn to take it on the chin/do this for real and not a whim/forget regrets we’ll never make/this bed again and lye in it/i got this lump in my throat/from too much talking/i got this ache in my ear/so sick of talking/i can see right here from where i stand/we ain’t going knowhere/i can see, right here with my eyes/we ain’t going back
Track Name: Buddies
she never runs to me/ and not for my sympathy/that’s not the problem that we have/just a night to drink and fuck/we know it happens not down to luck/our futures gone it’s in the past/we know it’s wrong but it beats sitting alone/we kill the lights and we hear each other moan/just doing what people wish they could/this situation’s darkened overtone/ain’t a road that’s gonna lead to rome/ breaking up ain’t a luxury we have
Track Name: Plumb The Depths
you know i brought you/for the ride/now i wish i’d never tried/i put the radio on/full of poignant song/it makes it awkward to say anything at all/this conversation shell, about to crack/the words you mutter, put up my back/is it worth the wonder/who’s in the right/i keep my ear pinned back for another lie/fuck all the stupid things we said/back then we weren’t right in the head
Track Name: You Sunk My Battleship
this city’s old and reeks of you/but we come to recognise, realise/six second chances have been used/the vacancy in your eyes/when i’m between your thighs/pack up your things for a change of scene/you’ll never move away/these friends will keep you sane/tie off the ends that hold you down/exit stage and take your bow/this drama’s over now/now time for sleep/eyes closed means that i cannot see you/these walls are cheap/8 hours, wish it could be miles/stuck with you/never wanted to/beg for something new/shut down this town
Track Name: If You're Gonna Be A Maniac, Pyro's Not A Good Maniac
your beauties masked by the fact you are a maniac/all the arms of your jackets tie at the back/when you go on all fours for me/this ain’t my kind of s&m/but we enjoy the mess you’re in/can we pretend i’m not there/when you get wind you’ll see/you’re on your back/i’m in the corner/do these mirrors only go one way/i’d rather voyeur anyway/i’m at the bar, you’re on the floor/only walls are keeping me away/strapped in up to your head/arms limp tied to the bed/watching on from the nearest room/what will the neighbours say?
Track Name: For All Of Us
and so we run/towards open doors/while others wait their turns, and slip away/nobody cares/you’re on your own so take the wheel/now, understand/they make them young to break them old/we lost control/and with burnt wings we’ll fly once more/turned away/when we were so close to the sun/back to the boards/at least for now/even though we’re enemies/there’s still a chance/that we’ll get over this